We work with marketing, media, PR and creative businesses to help them define, implement, and manage organisational change and deliver effective growth strategies through people centric solutions

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Talent Acquisition & HR

The true value of any agency is found in its people, and those individuals responsible for creativity, delivery, and client relationships. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that when you’re hiring, you have access to the industry’s top talent.

Accessed via one of four tiers of service level agreements, we’ll open up a global talent network – and manage your brand engagement throughout.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When it comes to investing, divesting, or managing complex mergers and joint ventures, we can point to over 15 years experience successfully brokering such deals.

We’re skilled in what we do, and can be relied upon to help identify opportunities, run due-diligence, and facilitate negotiations – all with the utmost discretion. What’s more, we’ll ensure that any final decision is based on a complete picture of all the available options.

Business Strategy

Aligning vision with the realities of your operating environment demands experienced insights, especially if you’re moving into new markets or looking to drive growth.

With Jefferson Talent Group you can engage with strategic consultants to assess all the options, scope out an ideal future state, and determine what capabilities are needed to get you there.

Change Management

For most agencies, change is constant as they seek to transition in line with new client wins and market opportunities.

The value we bring combines both the big picture know-how and practical insights required to support successful outcomes. We’ll help compare what you have with what you’ll need, assess change readiness, and support implementation.

Organisational Design

Business structures are often formed through organic growth, but there comes a time when your people and operating models need to be more formally aligned to strategic outputs.

It’s here that we review all aspects of your organisation, including roles, responsibilities, processes, and culture to identify strengths, weaknesses, and determine a structure that’s ready for whatever the future has in store.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

Intimately connected to culture and performance, mental health and wellbeing are increasingly important areas for organisations wanting to win through their people.

Our specialist consultants are expert at assessing wellbeing and resilience, before developing these insights into meaningful support through coaching, workshops, and master classes for trainers.

Jefferson Talent Group works with businesses across various sectors including the below, to help them define and implement complex organisational changes through people centric solutions





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